About Me

I am a Registered Professional Counselor Associate in Oregon and a Mental Health Counselor Associate in Washington State. I am supervised by Margaret Eichler, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS. I completed my practicum and internship in Texas under the supervision of Matthew Whalen, EdD, LPC-S. I am an Adjunct Faculty member of the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, Department of Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology.

My Story as a Counselor

I grew up in Los Angeles’s multicultural San Fernando Valley and lived in many parts of the USA in addition to Berlin and Hong Kong. Upon earning a BA, MA, and PhD in Comparative Religious Studies, I spent a dozen years as a professor, teaching a variety of subjects to a variety of students at universities large and small.

Among several publications, I coedited a collection of original essays, Disciplining Freud on Religion (Lexington, 2010). I also started and ran a small academic book publishing company.

After selling the company, I was determined to fulfill my abiding desire to help people grow their best and truest selves. I am involved in earth-based religious practices and follow a path called Diamond Approach.

Gregory Kaplan, MA, PhD, Professional Counselor Associate


Formal training

Trainings I have completed include:

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Statement on Social Justice

White and assigned male at birth, I have been privileged with many unearned opportunities.  In my practice, I warmly welcome transparency about marginalization and socioeconomic inequities. I respect and honor any kind of visible or hidden differences--racial, ethnic, gender, social, economic, sexual, neuro-developmental, age, body size, physical ability, religion, or any other kind of divergence from supposed or enforced norms. I believe the intersection of differentials in power is a significant factor in therapy; the concept of intersectionality (Kimberlé Crenshaw) describes this multicultural, feminist dynamic. While I bring expertise in counseling skills and theory, you are the expert on your own experience. And I am committed to join with you in disrupting systems of oppression you experience.

I completed the 27-hour UNtraining White Liberal Racism Phase 1 group process (January-May 2021). I participated in a 12-hour process group on Examining Whiteness (August-October 2020). I am currently training as a certified crisis counselor so I can volunteer my professional services. I taught critical theory at the college level for a decade.

I hold myself accountable to competencies with LGBTQIQA2S+, with transgender clients, with multiracial clients, in multicultural and social justice, in advocacy, and in spiritual and religious issues.

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