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Beyond Anger Management

To manage anger, one corrects it to use in an adaptive way, when it is constructive and not destructive, rather than extinguishing it.

Moving beyond anger management involves tolerating uncomfortable feelings such as fear and sadness, which anger tries to quell.

Therapy allows for intolerable feelings to unfold so they no longer easily prompt aggression, raised voices, even violence.

These freshly heard feelings can be integrated into self-understanding.

Beyond Conflict Resolution

Values and personalities might conflict in different relationships and in many arenas of life.

Family conflicts often involve finances, rights and responsibilities, and roles. Conflicts with friends or in society can involve gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, religion, and politics. Workmates conflict over power, ideology, and integrity.

Most conflicts lend themselves to collaborative solutions with the help of processing and reframing.

At the same time, unforeseen possibilities emerge from skillfully navigated conflicts, and they provide new opportunities for growth.

Gregory Kaplan, MA, PhD, Professional Counselor Associate

Gregory Kaplan, MA, PhD

I hold a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Northwestern University) and a PhD in Comparative Religious Studies (Stanford University).

I work with individual adults and adolescents, families, and groups. I am a Level I Trained EMDR, a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP), and an Adjunct Faculty member in the Lewis & Clark Graduate School Department of Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology.

Having had two prior careers, lived in many parts of the US and the world, and parented a young adult, I bring much life experience to our work together.

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